Check in Directions


Those of you who didn’t have all of your application materials in have received a phone call from us and have resolved those issues. Please contact Alex at if you need any other information.  You can find directions to Bayside Park here (  In case you have misplaced your confirmation information that includes exhibitor/vendor responsibilities, a copy of them are at the end of this email.

Check in begins at 8:30am.
  • Please check in at Bayside Park’s main entrance at the end of Bayside Parkway.  The check-in canopy will be there and it will be at that time when you receive the number for the space you have been assigned.  We will have volunteers available to assist you in finding that space and facilitating off loading where necessary.
  • Those of you who are renting canopies, tables and chairs will need to leave your credit card information.  We will not run any charges unless the items rented are not returned at the end of the event.  There will be volunteers available that will deliver these items to your space and assist.
  • All vehicles should be out of Bayside Park by 11am.
  • In order to ensure that we don’t have backup, we request that you do not park the vehicles on the sidewalks.  Short stops for off loading large amounts of your product is allowed but it is expected that you off load and take your vehicle to the parking area so that you are not blocking others.
  • Extreme caution should be used if you drive your vehicle on the grass.  You will be charged for damages incurred as a result of this.
  • By 11am, all vehicles need to be parked outside of the park on either G Street east of Quay Avenue or on Sandpiper Way.  The area adjacent to the park on G west of Quay is reserved for our operations.  The area on Bayside Parkway between the park and Sandpiper is set aside for handicap parking.
  • You may not breakdown your canopies, tables, chairs, etc. before 7pm.  The gates will be open at that time for you to bring your vehicles into the park.
Once again, welcome to SBPRIDE2019.  We look forward to a great day!
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Applicant understands that SOUTH BAY ALLIANCE has legal possession and control of SOUTH BAY PRIDE ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL located at Bayside Park on September 14, 2019 pursuant to agreements with the City of Chula Vista. Applicant further understands that the use granted by SOUTH BAY ALLIANCE hereunder is a LICENSE TO OCCUPY only, and is not coupled with an interest in the property; that SOUTH BAY ALLIANCE retains the right to terminate this LICENSE TO OCCUPY at any time during the term of applicant use if, in SOUTH BAY ALLIANCE’S SOLE DETERMINATION: 1) Applicant creates a nuisance for SOUTH BAY ALLIANCE, it’s other licensees, or it’s guests; 2) Applicant is found to have changed and/or added to the use described in this application; 3) Applicant is found to have falsified any of the statements contained in this application; 4) Applicant’s use of premises in any other way interferes with the orderly and successful conduct of the event space or violates any government laws or ordinances.
In addition, 1) Completed Application with required documentation and payment must be received before September 6, 2019 or applicant will be subject to $50 late fee. 2) Cancellations after August 30, 2019 are nonrefundable. 3) Applicant will be required to provide all necessary items for their vendor/exhibitor space with the exception of pop-up canopy, table, 2 chairs if ordered. 4)“Whisper” generators may be used with prior approval from South Bay Alliance. 5) Vendor/Exhibitor vehicles will be removed from Bayside Park before 11:00. Failure to do so will result in vehicle being ticketed and towed. 6) VENDOR/EXHIBITOR WILL NOT BREAKDOWN BEFORE THE SPECIFIED END TIME! Early breakdown will result in a $300.00 fine. 7) Vendor/Exhibitor will not drive any vehicle on the grassy area of Bayside Park. 8) Vendor/Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their area and ensuring no damage to the grass area.