We need your help


We have requested additional funding from the Port of San Diego this year but they are thinking of cutting it instead. We need your support to help us.
For the previous three years we have received 5000. Our attendance as grown exponentially since we made the strategic move to Chula Vista Harbor and is now the 3rd largest event in Bayside Park. We have demonstrated that we are a good community partner with our Buy Local Policy contracting services and supplies from local south bay businesses; scholarship event space to other 501(c)3’s and other community based organizations (CBO). We have modeled normalized Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing, we are a founding partners in the development of United Nations, World Health Organizations plan “Getting to Zero”, Our National AIDS Strategy, as well as “Live Well San Diego” and “Vivi Bien Mexico”. This is not exhaustive but representative of our Bi-National Leadership. We have attracted LGBTQ* economic investment in the South Bay. We are an invested partner in the Chula Vista Harbor and South Bay Waterfronts Master Plan, and making South Bay PRIDE Art and Music Festival a destination LGBTQ* weekend event, to support the establishment of an LGBTQ* Community Center, LGBTQ* Youth Safe Space, HIV “Getting to Zero” prevention programs, serving the area that encompasses the LGBTQ* Community South of the 94 Freeway and 100 Kilometers over our border with Mexico.

1. Reach out to Anne Moore amoore@portofsandiego.org The City of Chula Vistas appointee to the Port’s Board of Commissioners, and request she make the motion in support of additional funding for South Bay PRIDE Art and Music Festival. There are LGBTQ* allies on the Board that will be happy second the motion.
2. Reach out to City of Chula Vista Council Member Pamela Bensoussan pbensoussan@chulavistaca.gov and request in her remarks in support of the increase over Port Staff’s recommendations for “Harbor Fest” at his May 10th meeting of the Board of Port Commissioners, that the City of Chula Vista supports additional funds be allocated to South Bay PRIDE Art and Music Festival.
3. Reach out to your local Chula Vista City Council: http://www.chulavistaca.gov/departments/mayor-council
4. Reach out to the Port Authority committee: https://www.portofsandiego.org/commissioner-profiles.html
Let them know how much we need this in South Bay and how much you support it.  Meeting is Tuesday!