Getting to that fourth quarter

Super Bowl is over and what a day — neck and neck with all sorts of exciting moments.  After the game, I could not help but reflect on how we cannot let up until the game is over and that goes for changing our world around TLGB issues.

As far as we have come, we still have not made it to the end of the fourth quarter and of course, to take the analogy even further, there is always next year.

The push back has already started to heat up around TLGB issues. Throughout the country, the anti-equality legislatures and lobbyists are gearing up to stop or at least, slow the change in attitudes. Even more concerning are the desperate moves by those who see no other way but to use violence as a means of enforcing their will around the issue.

It is important that we solidify our progress and extend it to include addressing job discrimination, hate crimes, and bullying of our TLGB youth.

That said, I am proud of those that have stepped up in our community to continue the fight through their hard work and their commitment to equality.

One such dedicated member of the community is Angela Van Ostran, who will be our new volunteer coordinator for South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival this year. Angela has been involved with the South Bay Pride for many years and has always been a valued member of our pride community. Angela earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State, during which time she actively served her campus community as the SDSU American Sign Language club president and vice president of SDSU’s president’s advisory committee on disability and diversity. In addition, Angela has served as a member of the Disability Rights California board of directors and on the community advisory Council for San Diego Pride. Her expertise and insight are wonderful assets to South Bay Alliance.

In addition, Tom Cirillo (better known as Sister Ida Know of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence) will be our new Social Media/Webmaster. Tom is a longtime supporter and committee member of South Bay Pride, having assisted with fundraising in 2008 at our first South Bay Pride Music Festival in Memorial Park!  As Sister Ida, she is known for her commitment to our community and extending the following message:

“Pride is all about celebration of who we all are as people. No matter who a person is, or how they identify, the truth remains simply that there is a diverse color pallet of people. It is the differences that make us unique and wonderful, not the similarities. Pride is about loving ourselves for who we are, and loving others for who they are. Equality can spring from this mutual love and acceptance.”

We look forward to seeing the new changes to the website as we prepare for this year’s celebration.

Thank you both for your dedication to the community and to the South Bay. South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival is an all-volunteer event reaching out to the community at large in order to celebrate our diversity and pursuit of equality for all.

We invite all of those interested to help us out. Two big ways of helping out are by volunteering and also by donations. Our initial fundraising drive is still going, in order to raise sufficient money to keep this celebration free to the public.

South Bay Pride is committed to keeping access to the annual festival free, but can only do it with the support of you, the community. If you can give towards this, every little bit helps.

Please visit and give today. Joe Burke, our executive director of Pride, would also love to hear from those that are interested in being our corporate sponsors. Please email Joe at for more information.

— Dae Elliott is a founding executive committee member and the current executive director of South Bay Alliance, a 501(c)3 nonprofit and organizer of the annual South Bay Pride Art & Music Festival. Contact her at


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