Show your love and donate today!

Since 2006, South Bay Alliance (SBA) has worked to build community and raise awareness of the LGBTQ* here in South San Diego County!  So much has changes and yet so much more needs to be done!  Our South Bay Pride has grown from a mere 200 to 15k in attendance.  We are still committed to this FREE community Pride event with an all volunteer board and committee.  You can make a difference!

Help us to make this year the best yet!  But also, help us as we continue to work with other organizations in order to bring better service and education around HIV/AIDS, bullying, as well as our BIG goal of being able to support a LGBTQ* Community Center here in the South Bay!  We can do this ONLY with your help!  Please donate today.  Every little bit helps!

*We would especially like to honor those of you who can give $240 or more (this can be with monthly donations or one time donation) by listing your name as individual supporters on our webpage.  We will reach out and ask for your permission beforehand!  This would be a good way to let people know you are LGBTQ* friendly throughout the year!  Thank you again for your generosity!