sergio-cabreraSouth Bay Pride is proud to support our local area artisans through our Artisan Alley.  Another way we are doing that is by starting an annual tradition of selecting an artist that represents and affirms our diverse LGBTQ community. We are proud to announce our featured LGBTQ artist for this year’s celebration is Sergio Cabrera!   One of his original art works will be raffled on the day of South Bay Pride and Sergio will be there to display his other artworks.   He has been painting and creating since he was 6 years old initially drawing Disney characters and other cartoons over the years.  He then began to do more portrait art adding his unique touch by putting a glitter background or adding Swarovski crystals to it.  Sergio reflected “I’m influenced by Frida K a lot.  She expressed everything in her art and I hope to can do the same with my art.”  Is that not the very essence of what we hope all of us in some way can feel able to do?
We are also exhibiting the San Diego portions of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the largest ongoing community arts project in the world and since 1987 which has continued to reach communities with its messages of remembrance, awareness and hope. Although we have more hope, more treatments, this is still a scourge that has to be addressed.  In this way too, we remember those that came before us and through their sacrifices, brought us to where we are now.  We have come a long way.

In addition, James Nocito will have an Orlando Art Installation in memory of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack.  This year’s Pride season is made even more poignant by the many reminders that our struggles have not ended.  Our heart goes out to the victims, their families and love ones that have been impacted by the Orlando shootings.  Many are feeling that fear again that we so wanted to leave behind.  Yet, with courage and resolution, we are stepping out to claim our human right to exist, be respected and feel safe as we live authentic lives. We will remember.

 Our Artisans!

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